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Article :: Human Nature

11. Factors Affecting Mankind's Survival Choices

11. Factors Affecting Mankind´s Survival Choices

Having proven that our very reality, environment, intellectual concepts and perceptions have been subverted in pursuit of the survival of those who exploit us, the next questions become, what is true reality and the facts of life for mankind, survival and civilization? What is the true meaning of history and how did it come to pass that we are on the brink of ecological, social, economic collapse and a world war that is fully capable of causing the extinction of all life on earth? Why, since we all want to live, is this state of affairs being tolerated? Why can we not conclude the obvious fact that this is not a failure of fact, reason and knowledge to persuade the PTBs, but rather that the PTBs are immune to fact, reason and knowledge and we have been and will continue to waste our breath and protests trying to influence those who care for nothing except their own short term prosperity agenda and to hell with the consequences to anyone else, including the survival of our species.

11.1 Charles Darwin and Evolution

Charles Darwin claimed to prove that genetic drift and the culling of inferior organisms by natural selection and genetic inheritance of the survivors is sufficient to explain the complexity and diversity of life on earth including man and intelligence.

Evolution does explain a lot and may even be true. Unfortunately, it will take time travel to know the origin of life for sure. What is not proven is that "soup to man" and therefore God´s non-existence is proven. It is also not proven that God exists. It is a fact that what is provably true about evolution, if ever widely accepted by society as proven truth is the largest threat that the PTBs have ever faced, far greater than the effects of the Renaissance on feudalism and the role of the Catholic Church in the enslavement and keeping in ignorance of mankind during what is now called the dark ages.

What is provably true about evolution is that, independent of methods of adapting, life and survival is about the efficient usage of time, energy and environmental factors. If time, energy and environmental factors are inefficiently used, there is less life and survival possible than if they are. Thus, an objective measure of life´s ability to survive is how well any life form is adapted to environment and the efficiency of resource usage. When the environment, considered as the choice opportunities available for life is changing, survival becomes a measure of ability to adapt to changing survival factors. This is why we no longer have dinosaurs and why, as a consequence of ecological changes by man on the earth we are observing mass extinctions of species which cannot adapt and survive in the changed environments. In addition, all objective life sciences and their accomplishments, including medicine are, in one way or another based on the insights provided by Charles Darwin.

That the PTBs consider general acceptance of evolution as a major threat is evidenced by the appearance of major political, media and religious controversy surrounding it. As in the abortion case, proxy combatants are used to hide the real issues. The issues surrounding this fake argument are analyzed in Appendix XX, "Know this or Die".

The real significance of the insights of evolution is how they pertain to the survival of mankind and civilization. According to evolution, diversity is different individuals and species adapted to diverse environments. Survival "fitness" is how well a species or individual is adapted to its environment and how well it is able to adapt to changing environment. The PTBs try to keep the evolutionary discussion within the scope of the origin of life and the changing physical characteristics of species. They try to make us believe evolution does not apply to mankind since we are special, independent of the laws of nature. For those of us who do not buy this, the PTB´s claim that the meaning of evolution is "survival of the fittest" where fittest is defined as the strongest. There is a much more realistic interpretation of evolution which appears to be highly suppressed knowledge.

There are many ways to adapt to environment. The taking of one path over another is a choice. It does not matter whether there is an intelligent chooser or not (i.e.; random cosmic ray caused a genetic choice, a path to be taken). In essence, Darwin proved life and survival is all about CHOICE. This gave the PTB´s a major insight both into how to rule and what knowledge must be suppressed at all costs. Mankind must not find out it is all about CHOICE. This is what intelligence does, it CHOOSES. We must not EVER know this. We must not be allowed to CHOOSE. We must instead be blindly reacting to contrived events.

Darwin gave rulers the insight that controlling environment and thus perceived choices is the road to power. All of history/politics since Darwin has been shaped by this. We are in the final stages of a war against intelligence, and it may cost civilization. Ever since Darwin, mankind has been reacting to contrived events such as the Lustinia (WW1), Pearl Harbor (WWII), Tonkin (Vietnam), 9/11 (WWIII), being steered (predictably reacting) along a path back to feudalism by elites. The defense is to not be "Pavlov´s Citizen", to consider the facts carefully before believing anything or reacting.

11.2 Nature versus Nurture

This is a question pertaining to the very nature of mankind, with a great deal of political and economic power of vested interests hinging on it never being objectively resolved. The very survival of civilization hinges on a correct answer to the question: Is human nature a fixed and immutable set of characteristics, precluding civilization or, can mankind learn, adapt and improve? In other words, does mankind need to be forcefully enslaved and compelled by our self-proclaimed masters to be civilized, or, is mankind capable of self-control, allowing self-organization, freedom and civilization?

The powers that be treat this question as having a binary answer that suits their purposes, depending on what they want to accomplish. For the purpose of forcing people to send their children to state schools for indoctrination, it is claimed that people can adapt and learn and must therefore be socialized to the party line. For the purpose of exploiting people by innumerable laws and regulations, it is claimed that people must be controlled, otherwise, criminals and anarchy will run rampant.

Thus, by claiming that civilization is forcefully created by governments and cannot exist without compelling people to be civilized, states rationalize the incredible harm and cost of their predations, wars, exterminations and impoverishment of vast numbers of people. What if it is human nature to peacefully co-exist and virtually all conflict throughout history has been provoked by manipulators who claim it is necessary to impose their will on others using the false pretext peace and security, while they seek dominance and personal profit at the expense of enslaved, impoverished peoples and destruction of civilization?

The truthful answer to this question is that virtually everything, including mankind´s possible choices are determined by the laws of nature which defines reality. Every action has a countering consequence. Nature´s laws determine the scope of possible choices (potential). Nurture is the process of gaining experience and knowledge to understand reality and the relationship between action and consequence. Nature (genetic endowments) also determines physical and intellectual ability to understand reality to perceive possible choices and the means to carry them out (ie; whether or not you are an idiot or paralyzed).

This is the answer to the nature versus nurture question that some would have us believe must have a binary answer, one way or the other, for political control purposes. In short, nature determines the possible range of capability for an individual, nurture and choice determines whether and how well that potential is realized.

The PTB´s fully realize and act according to this knowledge. They mis-educate and propagandize us so we do not understand the immutable relationship between action and consequence and enforce different relationships between action and consequence, such as socialist promises to protect people from the consequences of lazyness, which requires enslavement of the productive and destruction of civilization. Every action has a consequence. When the consequences are not faced by those performing an action or inaction, someone else or civilization in general must pay the cost.

Obscuring the relationship between action and consequence is a direct attack on knowledge. This is what has happened to what used to be called "common sense", knowledge of the future consequences of choice. Common sense is no longer common due to at least a century of states enforcing their own self-serving version of reality.

To highlight the importance of fallacious nature versus nature arguments, consider current events. Recently, it was claimed by the PTB´s that they had knowledge of the nature of Iraq, making it inevitable that Iraq would attack the west. Fabricated evidence, demonizing, faulty reasoning and media fear mongering were used as pretexts to wage pre-emptive war. This turned out to be unprovoked aggression, the highest crime against humanity. Iraq is looking a lot like genocide and the U.S. a lot like Nazi Germany. Similar machinations are also being used against Iran, with a nuclear first strike again being considered by the U.S. The truth of this matter is that any country considering attacking the U.S. would not do so, since it is suicidal to confront the US or any other paranoid, nuclear armed power militarily. The US will be brought down by its own bad choices and arrogance, with no scapegoat, except for a cheering humanity in sight. Justice (factual relationship between action and consequence) in this matter would best be served by the US bombing itself.

11.3 Intelligence and Evolution

I am claiming the same as Darwin in the area of intelligence and mankind´s survival methods (choices). In particular, I am claiming that the environment of man is hazardous to man´s survival and correct choices must be made to survive. It is by our choices that we adapt as described by evolution to survive. Those who choose incorrectly do not survive and procreate. Those who do choose correctly teach this knowledge to their children and groups, increasing their ability to survive. Thus, the social evolution of choice and survival methods using intelligence is achieved by teaching others, especially children. In other words, teaching others is the evolutionary inheritance mechanism of intelligence and knowledge. This means that mankind has the ability to control his evolution using intelligent choice. We are in the drivers seat, controlling the direction of our lives and there is no such thing as fate, only consequences to actions. This is true with or without God, who, if he exists has thus far chosen not to directly influence events.

Interfering with the transmission of knowledge between generations is why tyrannies throughout the ages have tried to disrupt the teaching of skills and knowledge by disrupting families in order to insert a philosophy more amenable to sheep and slaves. This is why teenage rebellion is encouraged (by media) and why the knowledge of older and wiser people and history is made to appear to be of little value, obsolete (by media and educators). This is why tyrannies are interfering with families now, as evidenced by divorce statistics and the contrived conflict in divorce courts, where equality between parents is no longer a legal fact and know nothing "experts" quibble over the relative merits of parents who are simultaneously fleeced.

Since mankind´s knowledge of civilized choice is transmitted by teaching others, civilization may be completely usurped and redirected by disrupting families and controlling education. Civilization is thus a very fragile, easily lost thing. The social memory and history of mankind is the only thing that separates us from our primitive ancestors and having to relearn all of our knowledge.

Another implication of this fact is that the discovery and building of knowledge (including solving social problems) has been dramatically slowed by the PTBs, who are terrified of change for the simple reason they would have to adapt and re-establish control by some other means. This is why music, style and social trends appear to be in a repeating loop, kept on tracks that the PTB´s know how to exploit, presenting the appearance of progress which is really regression.

A trivial example of natural selection culling incorrect choice is if primitive man had decided that members of the opposite sex were aliens with no possibility of getting along or mutual satisfaction. In response to this incorrect opinion, they would have chosen to be either gay or abstainers. This choice would result in the non-procreation of all who made it. Even if this choice were taught to children, there is no future in it. Natural law would cull those who made this non survival choice by denying procreation. This is strong evidence that being gay is not genetically inherited (need heterosexual act to procreate) as some claim for political profit. Being gay is either an individual choice or introduced by genetic drift during the copying and blending of parents DNA. In a society where men and women are kept at war by unequal treatment of law, the cost of associating with the enemy is very high. This makes the individual choice to be gay appear to be a reasonable option.

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