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Article :: Supporting Evidence

1954 Reece Investigations, birth of "Social Engineering"

Congressional investigations regarding how elite tax exempt foundations use resources, provided by "we, the people" to subvert western civilization using "Social Engineering"

1954 Reece Committee on Foundations

In April 1952, the Select Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations and Comparable Organizations (or just the Cox Committee Investigation), led by Edward E. Cox, of the House of Representatives began an investigation of the "educational and philanthropic foundations and other comparable organizations which are exempt from federal taxes to determine whether they were using their resources for the purposes for which they were established, and especially to determine which such foundations and organizations are using their resources for un-American activities and subversive activities or for purposes not in the interest or tradition of the United States." Or, in other words: activities designed to subvert the "rule of law" and Constitution of the United States.

Clearly, the chilling warnings (for freedom and prosperity) of this report were not heeded and these subversive forces were allowed to continue unchecked, to the point that former President George Bush called the Constitution of the United States "just a godamn piece of paper" and the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches have slipped the leash of objective law and are now a tryranny unto themselves, steering the United States and the west, by its coercive power into "bannana republics", "deadbeat states" and social / economic collapse.

Reece Committee Historical Overview

Final report and summary of findings was released by Norman Dodd, chief investigator.

Reece Committee Findings Overview

Excerpt, Page 10: "The broad study which called our attention to the activities of these organizations has revealed not only their support by Foundations~ but has disclosed a degree of cooperation between them which they have referred to as "an interlock", thus indicating a concentration of influence and power .By this phrase they indicate they are bound by a common interest rather than a dependency upon a single source for capital funds. It is difficult to study their relationship without confirming this. Likewise, it is difficult to avoid the 'feeling that their common interest has led them to cooperate closely with one another and that this common interest lies in the planning and control of certain aspects of American life through a combination of the Federal Government and education.

This may explain why the Foundations have played such an active role in the promotion of the social sciences, why they have favored so strongly the employment of social scientists by the Federal Government and why they seem to have used their influence to transform education into an instrument for social change.

Excerpt, Page 11: "In summary, our study of these entities and their relationship to each other seems to warrant the inference that they constitute a highly efficient, functioning whole . Its product is apparently an, educational curriculum designed to indoctrinate the American student from matriculation to the consummation of his education . It contrasts sharply with the freedom of the individual as the cornerstone of our social structure . For this freedom, it seems to substitute the group, the will of the majority, and a centralized power to enforce this will-Presumably in the interest of all . lts development and production seems to have been largely the work of those organizations engaged in research, such as the Social Science Research Council and the National Research Council."

Excerpt, Page 12: "The result of the development and operation of the network in which Foundations have played such a significant role seems to have provided this country with what is tantamount to a national system of education under the tight control of organizations and persons, little known to the American public. Its operations and ideas are so complex as to be beyond pubic understanding or control. It also seems to have resulted in an educational product which can be, traced to research of a predominantly empirical character in the inexact or social sciences.

In these fields the specialists, more often than not, seem to have been concerned with the production of empirical data and with its application. Principles and their truth or falsity seem to have concerned them very little.

In what appears from our studies to have been zeal for a radically new social order in the United States, many of these social science specialists apparently gave little thought to either the opinions or the warnings of those who were convinced that,a wholesale acceptance of knowledge acquired almost entirely by empirical methods would result in a deterioration of moral standards and a disrespect for principles. Even past experience which indicated that such an approach to the problems of society could lead to tyranny, appears to have been disregarded.

The Reece Committee concluded that western civilization was and is being subverted to institute global slavery, by unaccountable entities, using tax free advantages granted by legislators.

Norman Dodd, lead investigator was an extraordinary and rare man of integrity. In his previous career as a banker, when he identified the corruption root cause (lack of sound banking) of the Great Depression (same as looming Greater Depression), his recommendations were ignored. When he resigned due to the pointlessness of his job, his banker bosses said OK, you've convinced us, start implementing changes. He withdrew his resignation and started cleanup. Shortly thereafter, all changes were blocked, so, he resigned again. His banker bosses offered that he could remain employed, do nothing and receive steady promotions and eventually, lucrative retirement (codespeak: we will pay you to shut up and be complicit in our crimes). He quit, did not "shut up" and went on to great accomplishments such as the topics of this interview. Some people cannot "be bought". Norman Dodd was one such rare individual. Many others just end up dead.

Many will consider this CRUCIAL interview boring, a Pavlov conditioned response to AVOID thinking and considering complex information that APPEARS complex only because education is really conditioning to "not think" and to mindlessly OBEY self-proclaimed authority.

Norman Dodd 1982 video interveiw:


The above interview is just one of many investigative topics undertaken by G. Edward Griffin: A very competent and prolific Anti-NWO Scholar, overview here:

G. Edward Griffin

NaziSocioPath Perspective:

The Reece Committee findings are consistent with general NaziSociopath analysis conclusions, namely:

All "officially supported" intellectual diciplines dealing with mankind, civilization, economics, psychiatry, social "sciences", anthropology, history, governance, law... have been completely subverted and replaced by dogma, based on unstated, unproven assumptions which are fair game for "natural law" which destroys (by attrition costs) all products, civilizations included based on falsity (LIES).

To replace " equality, in terms of measurable, individual rights and responsibilities under the rule of law" by manipulated, lying (Social / Media Engineered) "will of the majority" and law abandoning it's job of controlling "democratic excesses" is the spawn of Nazi philosophy (inequality under law) which must and therefore will AGAIN lead to tyranny and genocide for all dissenters, AGAIN collapsing civilization as arbitrary power always does, and we are experiencing, here and now.


Darwin Reconsidered


Rule of Law


Mathematics of Rule

Thinking 101:

Intelligent Choice

Bill Ross is an electronic design engineer in Oakland, Ontario, Canada. The above article is either an excerpt from, supporting evidence for or logical implication of HumanNature, an evolving objective study of humanity and civilization and dissection of the lies of those who incorrectly believe they are in control from the factual, provable perspective. Feedback is welcome. Email Author

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