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Article :: Human Nature

3. Introduction

3. Introduction

In today´s world, it is fact that any motivated person has the entire knowledge of our species and history easily accessible to any truth seeker. The stunning achievements of science and technology and western civilization have unambiguously proven the merits of science and reason, to the point that our very survival depends upon them. It is also a fact that our societies are rejecting reason and appear ready to accept an inevitable dark age and mass deaths, triggered by looming world war and an orgy of destruction by those who have been excluded from the benefits of civilization, including the ability to achieve basic survival (retribution, making the 24/7 guillotines of the French Revolution seem like heaven). Our rulers know this and are planning for it (some are hoping for "the rapture"), evidenced by the architectural bunker mentality of government buildings and public works which have been constructed in the last sixty years.

I know you have heard this before (chicken little) and are about to conclude that this is leading towards socialism or some other discredited political/economic philosophy which has at its root the exercise of force and compulsion and, over a period of time leads to exactly the same point we are at now (fall of civilization). This is for the simple reason that all political/economic philosophies, in one way or another lead to temporary survival advantages for those who form "the system" at the expense of those who pay the cost, are excluded or choose not to participate. Success of "the system" invariably translates to vast consumption and waste of resources and, given finite resources, must ultimately detract from the well-being of those who must pay for it with no return on investment or those who are excluded, leading to a self-defensive response or rebellion by the people.

We can see the evidence of very many once mighty, failed civilizations in the archeological and historical record. Only our arrogance, propaganda, politically subverted education, suppression of knowledge in the area of human nature, unreason and fear of the power exercised by our rulers prevents us from seeing that a collapse of civilization can, is and will happen to us. I see no evidence of constructive (towards goals which allow survival) rebellion but instead the building of destructive rebellion and the casting off of science and reason, for the simple reason that they have been twisted into pretexts "proving" that it is a fact that the natural order of civilization and social organization is a hierarchical system of masters and slaves. The historical parallels to the end of feudalism, the dark age and the birth of Western Civilization (the Renaissance) to the situation today is undeniable. The pretext of feudalism was that religious interests claimed to prove it was a fact of life that some were master and some were slave, by God´s will. It is a very real risk that, just as we have rejected religion, including its moral truths, we will reject fact and reason, as dangerous tools of slavery. Will we be smart enough to see that it is not the tool, but the use to which it is put that determines good or evil?

This work is for those who are or can be intellectually honest enough to accept the proven fact that fact and reason are supreme and, independent of how one may feel about them, facts and the laws of nature will have the final say. For the religious among you, the proven laws of nature must be Gods will, for to reject part of creation is to reject Gods will and thus God. The issue of God´s existence is un-provable unless God chooses a show of force. A negative cannot be proven. I respect the views of the religious (or any school of thought) up to the point that they are used as pretexts to use force on others, except in reaction to those who harm others.

Just to save a mutual waste of time, if the reader cannot accept the basic fact that every individual human being, regardless of race, color, sex, nationality or any other classification has the basic right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (bounded by equal rights of all others) then, you are immune to fact and reason and deserve your inevitable, unpleasant fate at the hands of those you oppress using the pretext of "superiority".

The same apples to those of you who have accepted subverted reasoning that somehow your species, race, people, nationality or religion exempts you from the laws of nature (action and consequence) and you are therefore the "chosen people" and will therefore be protected by God´s special consideration, with no accountability. In all of history, there is no physical evidence that God has intervened in the affairs of man. "In God We Trust" should not be based on the assumption of God´s intervention, but rather on trusting God´s laws of nature.

The topic of this work is survival of our species and civilization which resolves to asking and answering some very basic questions or, seeking the knowledge of what are the factors which determine whether mankind chooses to reach for the stars or to wallow in the mud as primitive savages, preying on each other in a world devoid of knowledge and reason, leading to extinction of our species and, ultimately the inability of our planet to support any life.

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