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The Mathematics Of Rule

Appendix C: The Mathematics of Rule

Originally published at Strike the Root. Reformatted to enhance readability...

Division of Labor versus Division of Spoils ...

What this really means:

When you strip the rhetoric and educational subversions away, all of history is REALLY about:

We have been and are in an eternal war between the productive (those who produce more than they consume) and the greedy (those who consume more than they produce). Civilizations rise (honesty in control) and fall (predators in control). The reader should be able to determine the current state of affairs.

A mathematical proof of the relationship between productive activity and survival of society is derived. This is the most basic law of economics and civilization, which is suppressed and strategically denied by the economics "profession" worldwide, in a futile attempt to obscure the truth and defraud mankind of any possibility of freedom or survival.


  • Ruler: One who does not participate in productive economic activities or do any work that directly contributes to creation of social wealth. For instance, government, people on social services, police, military, lawyers ...
  • Prey: Those who actually do create wealth by engaging in productive activities. For instance, farmers, industrial workers, service industries ...
  • NR = Total number of rulers
  • NP = Total number of prey
  • NT = NR + Np = Population of Society
  • WP = Average Work output per worker (prey)
  • RT = Total social resources available
  • RAR = Resources consumed by average Ruler
  • RAP = Resources consumed by average Prey

Assume the consumption of social resources is equal to the resources produced. This is what Rulers plus Prey consume which equals what the Prey produce.

   NR * RAR + NP * RAP = RT = NP * WP

Equation #1

Substitute ( NT - NR ) for NP ( NT = NP + NR ) into Equation #1:

   NR * RAR + ( NT - NR ) * RAP = ( NT - NR ) * WP

Multiply terms:

   NR * RAR + NT * RAP - NR * RAP = NT * WP - NR * WP

Collect common terms:

   NR * ( RAR - RAP + WP ) = NT * ( WP - RAP)

   NR / NT = (WP - RAP) / (RAR - RAP + WP) = Fraction of Rulers in population

   NR / NT * 100 = Percentage Rulers

   ( NR / NT ) * 100 = ( ( WP - RAP ) / ( RAR - RAP + WP ) ) * 100

Equation #2


G = Greed of rulers = RAR / RAP = resources consumed by rulers versus prey

P = Productivity of prey = WP / RAP = resources created versus consumed by prey


   WP = P * RAP

   RAR = G * RAP

Substitute into equation #2

   ( NR / NT ) * 100 = ( ( P * RAP - RAP) / ( G * RAP - RAP + P * RAP ) ) * 100

Collect terms:

   ( NR / NT ) * 100 = ( ( P -1 ) * RAP ) / ( G - 1 + P ) RAP ) * 100

RAP cancels out:

   Percent Rulers = ( ( P -1 ) / ( G + P - 1 ) ) * 100

Equation #3

This equation is plotted in the percent Rulers versus Greed for various values of productivity graph below.

Note that should the prey go on strike and refuse to produce more than they consume ( P = 1 ), no matter how greedy the rulers get, there is nothing left over for them, meaning that zero percent of rulers can exist, no matter how greedy they may wish to be. This is why slavery does not work. This is why productive people are by definition in charge. This is why the first public words out of President George Bush Jr´s mouth in response to 9/11 was "Go back to work, go back to traveling, keep shopping". This really means "trust us, go back to sleep". When productive people stop producing, everything stops.

For the case when the prey produce twice as much as they consume (P = 2) and rulers are not greedy ( G = 1 ) which means they consume as much as the prey, the maximum percentage of rulers that can be tolerated is 50 percent. In general, the greedier the average rulers is, the less rulers that can be supported. Similarly, the higher worker productivity gets, the more rulers can be supported.

Note also that productive members of society are unlikely to tolerate greater than 50% of their output going to government (it is the psychological boundary, beyond which, slavery is undeniable), thus the P =2 curve is the one closest to reality. This indicates the truth that rulers are by definition in the minority, if they are greedy. If they are not greedy and consume the average wage, Rulers and Prey are evenly matched in numbers. They prey can still choose to strike, meaning they have the power.

It should also be noted that, by definition, rulers are those who do not actually create wealth (produce anything that people will willing trade for). Their numbers include all persons involved in critical activities such as police and education whose contribution is not directly measurable. This means that the number of persons directly involved in ruling us is far lower than indicated.

If the assumption that resources consumed must equal resources produced is not true, for instance, if deficit financing (theft from future generations) is allowed, this would have the same effect as increased productivity, for as long as this folly lasts. This is because additional resources are accessible. Similarly, when the national debt must ultimately be addressed, this has the same effect as decreased productivity, since resources cannot be consumed.

Since the facts leading to equation #3 are irrefutable, it is also true when productivity drops to zero. This is the case when all time and energy of the productive (prey) are consumed in protecting what they have and dealing with factors that do not contribute to survival such as parasitic litigation, onerous paperwork of taxation and doing business or war and social/economic collapse.

In this case, all are unproductive and resources must come from the dismantling of civilization and preying on your fellow men, ultimately, to the point of cannibalism. The greedier people are, the faster the stored wealth of our civilization is consumed.

This is where we are going. The law has rationalized away all of our rights. As a consequence, civilization, a consequence of the "rule of law" and property rights can no longer exist. We are running on inertia, the perception that we are not slaves. Mankind can no longer solve problems, since doing so is opposed by the status quo who will suck the life out of us, for as long as we are willing to tolerate this. In addition, the just rewards for the productive are fair game and consume 100% of time and energy in futile efforts to protect from overwhelming force.

These facts say we are doomed as a species, an evolutionary dead end, by our own cowardice and stupidity.


Darwin Reconsidered


Rule of Law


Mathematics of Rule

Thinking 101:

Intelligent Choice

Bill Ross is an electronic design engineer in Oakland, Ontario, Canada. The above article is either an excerpt from, supporting evidence for or logical implication of HumanNature, an evolving objective study of humanity and civilization and dissection of the lies of those who incorrectly believe they are in control from the factual, provable perspective. Feedback is welcome. Email Author

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