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Article :: Human Nature

2 About The Author

2. About The Author

Bill Ross is a self-employed Electronic Design Engineer (BScEE, University of Waterloo, 1982) living in Ottawa, Canada and a single parent of two wonderful daughters.

The author values his privacy and personal information. Suffice to say that this work is the result of the experience and insights gained by being fortunate enough to be born in an un-intellectual environment and having to deal with this fact and the unpleasant consequences which required self-education and facing a lifetime in the school of hard knocks at the hands of authority and the stupid choices of youth. The author considers life´s trade of hardship for knowledge to be more than fair and would not change very much, given the opportunity. If we as a species also choose to embrace reason and learn from our mistakes, we will be able to say the same.

Thus, at a minimum, the author claims a viewpoint independent of politically subverted state education and knowing enough truth to overcome some very difficult problems in order to survive better than most without having exploited anyone. In addition, the author can claim the benefits of close association with and understanding of all classes from uneducated and impoverished to the leisurely rich, the experience of single parenting and world travel in his journey from ignorance to arrogantly claiming to possess wisdom that so many appear to lack.

Of course, having published this book, the author is well aware that it will be a personal (perhaps fatal) survival hit dealing with the wrath of the system. As the author sees it, it is a matter of take the small chance that events can be influenced versus no chance of surviving the worldwide collapse of social/economic order that appears to be the inevitable consequence of present trends.

To his inevitable critics in the disciplines of anthropology, history, law, economics, media, politics, psychology and social science who will claim that the author is not an expert in these fields and therefore can claim no credibility, the author responds that the product of your professions incorrect premises and "expert" claims is readily apparent by increasing poverty, social disorder, war and general non-survival of our species. The claim to knowledge of your professions has been refuted by the final judge which is the facts and laws of nature. It is "the experts" who have no credibility. I prove that the members of these professions whose intellectual output is chosen as propaganda by the Powers That Be (PTB´s) to manipulate us are liars, corrupt failures and losers. I acknowledge the fact that there are honest professionals in all areas, including the humanities. If I were to generalize, I would say that all are morally culpable, by not having the courage to refute the liars within your own professions and fight for truth.

The basic problem is that the intellectual product of disciplines in the humanities is “cherry picked" and only those theories which provide rationalizations or can be misinterpreted to "prove" what the PTB´s want us to believe achieve recognition and prominence. This is how and why the U.S. ended up in Iraq. There is no demand of paying customers, market or economic value for truth in the humanities as there is in the physical sciences. Rather, it is lies that sell.

The very concept of credibility is itself flawed, since it is a claimed measure of support by those who demand "trust", with no factual evidence it should be given.

The author does not want nor require credibility. The facts and knowledge presented within cannot be honestly judged by any means except how well they fit with and explain observed facts, past events and present trends. In other words, the author will not accept the unsubstantiated by fact opinion of any person or organization and suggests the reader do the same. Proven fact, knowledge, supporting evidence and the lack of contrary evidence is the only and final determination of truth. We live or die by the facts and laws of nature, individually and as a species.

To those of you who will say "eureka" to the obvious truths I prove and think me some kind of genius, be aware that I stand on the shoulders of past intellectual giants and have the benefit of hindsight provided by history. They and my experiences have allowed me to see much clearer and further. It is not that I am intellectually superior, more that I have stumbled on a vast area of knowledge that has and is being suppressed, to the peril of every single person on the planet, including those who claim the right to "rule" and all of their misguided intellectual sycophants in the humanities and corrupt media, who are also doomed on the present course.

The importance of using your own mind and not trusting those who claim truth, including myself cannot be underestimated. I have endeavored to keep this work as simple as possible. If you take the time to think and accept that there is no such thing as "something from nothing" or "causeless effects" (reject mysticism), you will realize that the discovery of truth is both possible and absolutely necessary. There is no such thing as events without explanation in the real world of action and consequence.

2.1 Goals of the Author

Just like all other people, my basicgoal is survival for myself and family. The major difference between myself and most of the people I have ever come in contact with is that I do not believe nor act as if my survival must be at the expense of someone else´s non-survival. Since we depend on civilization for survival, it is in our interest that civilization survives. On the present course, it and therefore we will not. There is no place on the planet to run and hide to avoid what is coming, no matter how much money one has or how much force one hides behind. Given no possibility of flight, it must be fight. Thus, I ask (and prove the how and whys) my fellows to join me in intervening in the historical course of events, or put another way, to seize your own destiny and participate in rebellion using morally sound, legal and effective methods. My definition of "legal" does not include the agreement of those who now claim their "opinion" is the law. It does, however coincide with the opinions of past judges who were mostly honest and current honest judges who are afraid to act without the people being on side (to protect themselves from criminals in power, of course).

I am not advocating violence but do acknowledge that those deemed terrorists have every lawful, moral and survival right to engage in defensive violence against their oppressors and those who support them. In a democracy, no person of voting age or taxpayer is innocent of the predations of their rulers, be it domestic or international.

My problem with violence is one of effectiveness and the fact that it places the most brutal and ruthless in control, in a race to the bottom for all, including non-participants. In addition, upon analyzing conflict, at the end of the day, in all conflicts, it does not end until all parties are equally impoverished and on the verge of non-survival. Only at this point of equality are all parties able to admit that a live and let live approach (tolerance) is the only viable survival option.

The form of rebellion I advocate is legal, by withdrawing our consent and productive resources from those who wage warfare (class, race, nationality or otherwise) and enslave us. Yes, a temporary prosperity hit and personal risk is required, but they are nothing compared to the cost of losing civilization we must all pay otherwise. Do you really believe, if you have anything to take, that the voracious appetites of our rulers will leave you alone? The best you can do is appease them to buy time. Even if you are allied with our rulers, according to what they believe is truth, the bigger fish must eat the smaller, independent of allegiance or past debts. When they run out of other prey, it will be your turn. For them, it is only predator and prey and everyone except themselves, including their temporary allies and you are prey. It is only your terror of the consequences of disagreement, belief in their lies, false promises and rationalizations that allows them to enlist your support for your own demise. I have chosen to fight with the strongest weapons known to man, which are fact, reason and our collective will to survive.

This work is intended to refute the basic lies our rulers use to make their actions and the consequent survival hit we must all take appear to be necessary, reasonable and inevitable:

  • To refute the lie that mankind is basically evil and thus requires control by those who claim moral and/or forceful superiority.
  • To refute the basic misrepresentation of human nature that mankind is a conflicted and flawed species, at constant internal war between irrational emotions and rational thought, implying that there is no solution apart from forced subservience to the problem of human irrationality.
  • To prove that large scale social problems such as terrorism and poverty are the product of many small, easily addressed problems, as opposed to "facts of life" than can only be solved by the large scale exercise of blunt force.
  • To refute "the end justifies the means" and "necessary evil" as factually or intellectually valid concepts.
  • To refute "survival of the fittest" means "the most powerful" and therefore refute "might is right".
  • To define civilization and civilized behavior exactly.
  • To determine what are the exact requirements of civilization.
  • To understand and prove the exact cause of the rise and fall of civilizations.
  • To determine whether it is necessary to compel mankind to be civilized or whether retribution and removing the rewards of uncivilized behavior is sufficient.
  • To determine the most effective means to preserve and promote civilized behavior, for all of mankind.
  • To determine the most effective means to thwart those who would enslave and impoverish mankind.
  • To convince the reader that most of what you have been taught and accept as truth and reality is a complete and utter fabrication, an integral part of your slavery.
  • To determine the most effective means to insure that all of mankind has the opportunity of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".
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