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Article :: Human Nature

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  1. About NaziSocioPaths
    How this site came to be, why it is so named, the purpose and goals it is intended to accomplish, how and why the goals will be accomplished. A declaration of total, full spectrum WAR against barbarians intent on enslaving free humanity, collapsing civilization and culling a large portion of humanity.

    A practical demonstration of exactly how much trouble a single, competent individual, using peaceful methods, withdrawal of support and civil disobedience can terrify our tyrants into inaction, making them move on to "lower hanging fruit". They appear intelligent enough not to overtly engage in a war they cannot win against determined will and won't power.

    We are a "monkey see, monkey do species". The intelligent voluntarily follow the lead of the successful. I am NOT telling you what to do, apart from educate yourself as to what the real situation is and what the choices are. Use this knowledge to secure your own goals and survival.
  2. HumanNature - Entire Document
    Full contents of this section.
  3. Appendix C: The Mathematics of Rule
  4. Appendix B: Know This or Die
  5. Appendix A: The Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies
  6. 18. Democracy 101
  7. 17. Are Land and Natural Resources a Special Class of Property?
  8. 16. Values Enforced by True Law
  9. 15. The "Rule of Law"
  10. 14 Intelligent Control of Civilization
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