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Article :: Human Nature

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  1. 13. The Purpose and Nature of Civilization
  2. 12. From Ignorance to Civilization
    12. From Ignorance to Civilization Individual man
  3. 11. Factors Affecting Mankind's Survival Choices
  4. 10. What is Power?
    10. What is Power? In physics, power is defined as work per unit time where work is defined as force applied times displacement of a mass. In other words, power is a measure of the exercise of force over time in achieving the movement of a ma...
  5. 9. Absurdity of Applied Philosophy
    9. Absurdity of Applied Philosophy There are as many definitions of philosophy as there are philosophers. The common element between all definitions is
  6. 8. Absurd Questions Asked and Answered
    <div class="Section1"> <h1><a name="_Toc149878595">8.<span style="font-family: "times new roman"; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: norma...
  7. 7. Understanding Intelligent Choice
    7. Understanding Intelligent Choice Intelligent choice is determining the collection of actions that are believed will yield the desired results. Choice is the means that mankind adapts to environmental conditions to secure goals, including surviv...
  8. 6. The Attributes of Man
    6. The Attributes of Man Mankind is a member of the animal kingdom (if you do not accept this, return this book for a refund, you are immune to obvious fact and conclusions) with added capabilities making us a unique form of life on ea...
  9. 5. Precise Definitions of Key Terms
    5. Precise Definitions of Key Terms To understand and unambiguously communicate about anything, we must define the concepts in precise, measurable terms. The fact that I must start at such a basic level is evidence of how much our educ...
  10. 4. Barriers to Acknowledging Fact and Reason
    4. Barriers to Acknowledging Fact and Reason I have spent a large portion of my life pondering the how and whys that reason and the basic and obvious requirements for peaceful coexistence in civilization do not seem so obvious or compelling to tho...
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