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Bill Ross
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  1. The Mathematics Of Rule
    Categories: Published Articles
    We have been and are in an eternal war between the productive (those who produce more than they consume) and the greedy (those who consume more than they produce). Civilizations rise (honesty in control) and fall (predators in control).
  2. Darwin Reconsidered
    Categories: Published Articles
    Explains EXACTLY why we are not surviving, who the perpetrators are and what can be done about it.
  3. The "Rule of Law"
    Categories: Published Articles
  4. Feedback Model Of Intelligent Choice
    Categories: Published Articles
  5. How To Become Free
    Categories: Logical Implications
    Understanding the problem implies the solution
  6. The Social Contract
    Categories: Published Articles
    The minimal terms of association that any SANE person will voluntarily accept with any individual or group. Key consideration for "Rule of Law".
  7. 1 Why You Should Read This
    Categories: Human Nature
  8. Know This Or Die
    Categories: Published Articles
  9. 4. Barriers to Acknowledging Fact and Reason
    Categories: Human Nature
    4. Barriers to Acknowledging Fact and Reason I have spent a large portion of my life pondering the how and whys that reason and the basic and obvious requirements for peaceful coexistence in civilization do not seem so obvious or compelling to tho...
  10. 2 About The Author
    Categories: Human Nature
    2 About The Author Bill Ross is a self-employed Electronic Design Engineer (BScEE, University of Waterloo, 1982) living in Ottawa, Canada and a single parent of two wonderful daughters. The author values his privacy and personal informati...
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