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What financial help will be used for

I'm not asking or whining for charity and, this site is not at risk of going down without donations. I fully intend to do the best I can do with whatever resources are available.

What I am offering is a trade, with valuable results, for YOU. Donate and free up more of my time to work on this, IMHO far worthier endeavor than designing products, as an engineer. Saving civilization and reining in our tyrannical rulers is far more important.

Your donations will pay for:

  • Internet and site expenses

  • If enough chip in, I will make maintenance of this site, moderating and responding to posts, blogging on current events, writing new articles a semi or full time job. I do have a family to feed and therefore must spend a significant amount of time as a design engineer, detracting from this endeavor which I consider to be a far better use of my talents, helping far more people.

  • Finishing and cleaning up my book "HumanNature" which may end up with a different title and greatly expanded content.

  • Writing another book regarding "What THEY do not (and NEVER will, willingly) teach you in school"

  • In my dreams. Undertake a legal action ramming the "rule of law" down these statist a$$holes throats, hang them using the rope they have so generously provided in my divorce / applied child abuse experiences which initially alerted me to to exactly how dangerous to civilization "predators on the bench" REALLY are.

So, hit the Paypal button already and donate what you consider my efforts are worth, to YOU, a fair deal, the only type of deal I will offer or accept, a civilized proposition.

Posted on: 2012/7/5 16:09

Edited by rossb on 2012/7/6 7:56:25
Reason: update

Pro Bono legal process assistance

Intend to ram "rule of law" and all of the knowledge proven on this site down the throats of slaver a$$holes in a combined civil / criminal action.

Location: Ontario, Canada

Need process assistance.

This is a major and timely opportunity. It could make a major career coup for you and your team.

I am equipped for PGP (encrypted) email.

Posted on: 2012/6/30 20:06

Xoops theme, site maintenance / improvements / suggestions help

- someone willing to host (free) backup site in a country dedicated to internet freedom. Site is Vmware Centos 6 VM.

- as the topic above states.
- international language support
- translations to YOUR language

Posted on: 2012/6/30 19:54

Edited by rossb on 2012/7/1 7:44:33
Reason: update


To submit articles from the NaziSocioPath elimination perspective for this site.

Posted on: 2012/6/30 19:48

Graphic Artists

For Following Tasks:

- cover artwork for the book I am writing.
- any suggestions / improvements regarding site graphics.
- Nazisociopaths swag (t-shirts, hats, ...) artwork

Posted on: 2012/6/30 19:45

Edited by rossb on 2012/7/5 16:30:44
Reason: update

Posting Guidelines

This site is PRIVATE PROPERTY and, like any right, it does not exist unless PERSONALLY defended.

-spammers will have their posts and persistent spammers will have their registration deleted.

Spam is defined as:

- advertising, apart from liberty related.
- personal attacks on other posters / myself.
- wildly off topic, attempts to hijack threads. General troll-like behavior.
- profanity, unless it contributes to a factual, as opposed to emotional point.
- emotional, non-rational argumentation.
- anything that other posters take issue with and, I or any other moderator happens to agree.

Posted on: 2012/6/30 19:38

Edited by rossb on 2012/7/6 8:49:01
Reason: update

Site Updated / New Features

Updated to Xoops 2.54

- better spam control.
- deleted ALL spam comment posts.

User Impacts

- all old users except those with non-spam comments deleted.
- all users need to re-register.
- registration REQUIRES valid email address for registration verification email.
- users must be registered to post.
- users can now create new topics.
- all user posts moderated and posts not adhering to posting guidelines deleted and persistent offenders banned.

Posted on: 2012/6/30 19:19

Re: Thanks
Just popping in

Posted on: 2012/1/15 0:55

Re: Thanks
Just popping in

Posted on: 2012/1/15 0:54

Re: Thanks
Just popping in

Posted on: 2012/1/15 0:54