Is This 1931 All Over Again?

Financial Post Censored Comment:

We live in an action precedes consequence reality. This is a prima facie, inarguable FACT.


The same forces that preyed upon and collapsed (harvested) the western economy in 1931, resulting in dire social / economic consequences that led to WW2 are just coercing a re-run by entrapping our “leaders” (and law, and us) by “rules” (that they have been previously coerced to impose)? When this process runs to completion, title (legal DECREE of ownership) of a vast amount of property will have changed hands, perhaps enough to re-impose feudalism. This may well be the “end game”. Many “useless eaters”, by economic collapse and elimination of productive jobs may starve in economic collapse. The zillion dollar question is will the survivors accept the moral validity of this “title” (of property and public debt), given that it was “achieved” by nefarious means, at their expense?


It is not “insane human nature” that is, by definition, insane, but evil FORCES in control of our physical and perceptual reality, providing the “illusion” of free choice which is really Pavlov selection from among a set of “acceptable”, false choices, any one of which results in servitude for us, a different but equivalent “face or pretext of tyranny”, if you will.

CHOICE determines Survival:

Darwin Reconsidered

Historically, what have / would / will free, un-coerced, intelligent people CHOOSE?:

Social Contract

Historically, how has freedom been obtained, despite very dangerous and determined opposition?:

How To Become Free

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