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Article :: Human Nature

About NaziSocioPaths

How this site came to be, why it is so named, the purpose and goals it is intended to accomplish, how and why the goals will be accomplished. A declaration of total, full spectrum WAR against barbarians intent on enslaving free humanity, collapsing civilization and culling a large portion of humanity.

A practical demonstration of exactly how much trouble a single, competent individual, using peaceful methods, withdrawal of support and civil disobedience can terrify our tyrants into inaction, making them move on to "lower hanging fruit". They appear intelligent enough not to overtly engage in a war they cannot win against determined will and won't power.

We are a "monkey see, monkey do species". The intelligent voluntarily follow the lead of the successful. I am NOT telling you what to do, apart from educate yourself as to what the real situation is and what the choices are. Use this knowledge to secure your own goals and survival.

How This Site Came To Be

This site, as all things REAL (physically measurable or logically deductable from evidence) is a consequence of real actions leading to consequences in our "action PRECEDES consequence reality". This intellectual discovery of the nature of reality (and refuting of mystics) is what allowed throwing off religious slaver imposed dark ages, spawned the Renaissance, the "Age of Reason", "Rule of Law", birthed scientific method and western civilization.

Personal and ominious events and trends in civilization have convinced the author, that a new set of mystics, self-alleged "Social Scientists" using dogmatism decreed and forcefully imposed as "truth" are well on the way to plunging humanity into a new dark age and a new feudalism, run by, of course, "THEM" and those they are tools of, for our alleged "own good", which of course, "THEY" claim to know better than us, despite zero knowlege of us (cannot read minds), as individuals. Of course, the author "begs to differ".

On May 16, 1994, a multi-year sequence of unprovoked aggressions and impoverishment (bushwhacking) by ten corrupt judges and lawyers began against myself and family. These judges by "judicial discretion" opined: "Proven Fact, Reason, Evidence, Written Law - Irrelevant". The casual ease and arrogance with which they did this proved to me that the judiciary was long accustomed to being tyrannical "rule of man" decree'ers and feared no reprisals, nor consequences.

A record of the personal experiences and predations on my family, by corrupt law, is available below, for the curious. My personal and family woes are irrelevant when contrasted to the general woes we all face and the severe thrashing we are about to get at the hands of our collective predators without determined civil disobdeience and holding criminals to account on the part of many. Note that this is the first and only time I will discuss personal matters on NaziSociopaths which is a site dedicated to proving the general truths underlying the methodology used by our predators and HOW TO FIGHT AND WIN.

My Personal "Call to Arms"

By this judicially imposed epiphany, the facts forced me to conclude (in 1994):

  • Peace and Western Civilization, defined by equal rights under the "Rule of Law" is OVER, rationalized away by "predators on the bench". Current events, eighteen years later (2012) are not surprising to me at all. When predators are in control, of course peace, civilization collapses and the civilized perish by virtue of being prey.
  • The law held no resolution (just eternal conflict until all resources transferered to the legal "profession") to my personal and family woes, so, I disengaged and went to "Plan B" to secure the survival of myself and daughters, despite judicial rulings backed by guns to the contrary, as outlined in the link above.
  • The only "rights" the law is willing to "give you" are those that suit their interests in the further acquisition of absulute power, a drug to which the law is terminally addicted and has "corrupted them, absolutely". The truth is: The only rights you have are those which you can personally defend, life included. The law is more than willing to rent you the illusion of having rights, but how can it be a right, if you have to whine and be impoverished in pursuit of it?
  • There was something that I was in severe ignorance of that the legal "profession" was relying on, to be secure in their predations and blissfully oblivious to any blowback. I swore that I would find the "Rosetta Stone", the key to decode how they get away with this "grand theft, civilization" and use it to attack and defeat them from a direction and with forces they would be powerless to counter. They made me feel "powerless to counter". It was and is my intent to return the favor.

So, this site came to be because criminals on the bench caused me and mine severe problems, which upon analysis is a common problem for all intellectually competent and morally aware people. As a systems engineer, I have significant accomplishments, and an unblemished record as "problem solver". Fools made the mistake of placing self and family survival threatening problems in my path. I have analyzed their position with the intensity of an avid scatologist, inspecting a particularly odious sample. I present my best shot at analysis leading to "solutions" and, am still standing, their bluffs are called and exposed as empty threats. Tyrants, on the other hand are well on the way to extinction, with much collateral damage, mainly among the ignorant, dependent and unaware.

Why NaziSocioPaths, A Very Inflamatory Name?

NaziSocioPaths is the precise and factually correct term describing the behavior of those whom arrogantly and incorrectly believe ther can control and enslave inherently free mankind. These fools think they can do a "bait and switch" from freedom and "self-determination" to servitude and "their-determination".

Nazi BECAUSE they behave as if "we are not to be treated equally, in terms of MEASURABLE rights and responsibilities, by law, under the rule of law". The same false belief that led to the "final solution" for Jews and is leading to other "final solutions" for Muslims and any other dissenting groups which can be demonized and targeted for "special treatment".

SocioPaths (organized psychopaths) because they do not consider, nor care what effects their actions have on others and innocent bystanders. They, by observed behavior believe their "right to life" trumps the equal "right to life" of their prey and all other human beings.

Of course, as an intelligent person, I have no interest in associating with idiots, a major characteristic of which is hasty judgement based on superficial apperances and subverted concepts. Let them believe I am a Nazi, spewing Nazi "philosophy" and stay away not bothering me.

The intelligent, on the other hand are intrigued by the "not so ordinary", "in your face" site name. This site is by and for the intelligent, against barbarians and those whom empower / tolerate them by ignorance.

Site Purpose and Goals

  • To keep a promise made to myself and daughters to bring these a$$hole criminals and their entire "rein of tyranny" DOWN, to count coup.
  • To share my knowlege and methodology, as weapons, to be used by any and all freedom and truth seekers.
  • To keep my promise to the state that failure to settle on my terms equals escalation and their complete and utter discrediting and defeat.
  • To teach people why and how to successfully defy and thwart their enemies (predators, those who cause YOU harm).
  • "THEY" have broken the first and most crucial rule of WAR: "know thine enemy", knowlege which this site is intended to convey to any and all who intend to fight "THEM", covertly or overtly.

You sound arrogant, full of hubris

Confidence of KNOWING exactly what the consequences of my actions will be, according to "natural law", including the immutable action / consequence sequence of human behavior and non-negotable "will to survive" is being mistaken for arrogance.

Collapse of civilization is a systemic problem caused by elements of the system (which are a product of coercive / discriminatory regulatory "rules") having gone rogue, developed selfishness and chosen to abandon their functions as "public servants" / honest traders (instead presenting fake illusions of attempting to function and spewing false "crap happens" excuses via equally corrupt media) to prey on all others. The "law" whose REAL function is as "reality accountant" insuring that "they who do the actions, reap the consequences" consistently sells out to the highest bidder, or chooses whatever increases arbitrary power for them and their cronies. The "law" now imposes "private profit, socialized loss" by decreeing "who profits by the action" to be different than "who pays for the consequences". We are rapidly approaching a general "can't and therefore ai'nt gonna pay" inflexion point in history.

My skills as a system design engineer are more than adequate to identify the elements of the system, what they really do, what they require to do what they do, the weak links and, most importantly, how to destroy the ability of the system to function in the most efficient manner. The "system" is a Rube Goldberg, fake perpetual motion machine, with no real, sustainable basis of operation, apart from energy infusions (productive resources / spoils of war) from a very gullible "we, the people", based on propagandized "faith / terror of the governed". I agree that to some, this sounds arrogant. To me, it is an ambitious goal to wrest freedom from our slavers, as our ancestors once did, with far less knowledge. The freedom laws they left in their wake still exist, weapons ready for more objective interpreters using REAL, as opposed to "rule of biased, opinionated man" DECREED, forcefully imposed "knowlege".

As to "hubris", time and the "drip drip", integrating to a flood of natural law imposing consequences reveals the truth of all matters. We'll see. Life is not without risk and, would be pretty pointless and boring if it was.


Darwin Reconsidered


Rule of Law


Mathematics of Rule

Thinking 101:

Intelligent Choice

Bill Ross is an electronic design engineer in Oakland, Ontario, Canada. The above article is either an excerpt from, supporting evidence for or logical implication of HumanNature, an evolving objective study of humanity and civilization and dissection of the lies of those who incorrectly believe they are in control from the factual, provable perspective. Feedback is welcome. Email Author

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