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Article :: Human Nature

1 Why You Should Read This

1 Why You Should Read This

I will not mince words. Intelligent, morally aware people are terrified of current events and where trends lead, by the lessons of history combined with the awesome destructive power in the hands of our rulers who have long been accustomed to behaving in a criminal manner with no evidence that they can or will be brought to account.

I have considered these issues and conclude that the powerlessness of people is illusionary, a product of subverted education, misrepresented history and media manipulation. The truth is that the only reason our civilization is in such dire straits is because it has been hijacked by criminals who need us more than we need them. The people have the power and it is easily wielded in a moral and non-violent manner to reestablish the balance of power between individuals and organized powers.

Further, if we reject "progress" of law of the last century or so, what I advocate is legal. It is those who currently wield that law who are the criminals.

Without giving the complete conclusions away, this work proves that "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" is about intelligent choice by the wise usage of time, energy, fact, knowledge and environmental factors. It further proves how and why this knowledge is used by some very determined people and organizations to steal your time and energy, making you a slave. Given this knowledge, if you have courage, you can choose to be free, without breaking any valid law, harming anyone or even letting anyone else know what you are really doing.

Even if you are not interested in the larger affairs of mankind, the knowledge proven about basic human motivation and thus behavior will prove invaluable in your personal and professional life. It allows insight into people, for harmonious relationships with those around you. As with any knowledge, this is a dual edge sword. Should you be so inclined, this knowledge will also allow you to manipulate those around you. The only reason I take the chance that my work will be used for harm is that this knowledge is already available (suppressed) and used to cause great harm by those who believe they are your masters.

As stupid as it sounds, I believe there are more people interested in peaceful co-existence than the conflict of exploiting others. So do our rulers, since they rationalize everything they do using pretexts of "social good", which never has, never will and cannot materialize under the watch of those whose only concern and tool is force.

This work is intended to explain the basic, proven facts of life to provide the reader with a defense from the lies and manipulations that make you a slave.

If you observe yourself closely, you will note that, in considering whether to buy this book, what you are really doing is considering whether to spend your money (which is a measure of your time and energy spent working) and whether it is a good choice to invest the time and energy in reading, thinking and evaluating the merit ( truth or falsity) of the knowledge the author is presenting and claims to prove. Thus, you agree that time and energy equals life and wish to invest it wisely.

By clarifying your thought process in this small area, you have already learned something personally valuable and thus agree with the author on a seemingly insignificant point. There is far more.

1.1 Methodology

The true facts of life are proven, inability of current theories (based on false, self-serving assumptions) to explain the facts and trends demonstrated, provable knowledge is presented and tested to determine how well it explains observed historical behavior, current events and the trends of civilization.

In this work, "man" refers to human being, be it man, woman or child of any race or creed.

To an overall observer, civilization appears to be a seething mass of humanity engaged in un-coordinated activities, some building, some destroying, some just trying to survive and everyone competing with no overall pattern discernible. A closer look reveals that there is structure; civilization is a collection of groups, each performing some function. There still seems to be no overall goals and much conflict between groups. A still closer look reveals that each group has characteristics strongly influenced by the function it performs. Each seems to have limited skills and knowledge, restricted to what is required to perform its function. Each group seems to consider all other groups as threatening, ignorant, untrustworthy and less worthy than itself.

As with any large, complex dynamic system, civilization must be broken into components in order to allow its operation to be understood and described in terms of the behavior of the components. Although this analysis is presented in terms the average high school graduate should be able to understand, enough information is provided to define parameters and form mathematical equations to allow a computer simulation to be designed.

I start by addressing the basic fallacies which are used by those who manipulate and rule us to make us believe that fact and reason are not applicable in the affairs of mankind. This is critical, since a belief that things cannot be understood is also a belief that things cannot be changed and therefore a belief that we are unable to influence the direction of our own lives and societies.

Once basic terms and concepts are clarified, the most fundamental component, individual man himself is characterized. Some will claim this is impossible, we are unpredictable, godlike creatures and there is no such thing as objective human nature. This is a basic lie of those who would manipulate and confuse. It is a fact that man is a product of his environment, goals and capabilities, a consequence of mankind being compelled to survive, subject to and having to comply with the physical laws of nature.

Since survival depends on interacting with nature and our fellow men, there must be behavioral rules that are required to survive. This does mean not a clockwork model of man, a denial of our spiritual nature. Our spirituality can only manifest itself once basic survival needs have been met. Until survival is achieved, all time and energy must be directed towards meeting survival needs. Survival is a state of affairs in the physical world and therefore must have physical requirements and rules for achieving it.

Another individual is added to determine the rules of interaction between two people, each possessing individual nature.

The nature of a group of men is then considered where the individuals differ only by degree of man´s natural skills such as physical strength and intelligence.

The nature of specialized groups of men is then considered, differentiated by function, skills and knowledge.

Once the attributes of groups are established, the attributes of the various specialized groups that comprise western civilization are considered, then, the overall interaction of the whole is analyzed.

At each step, the facts established are related to observed historical behavior of mankind.

Once the conceptual model for civilization is complete, the trends and failures of civilization we are observing today are related to causes.

Given the causes of mankind´s woes, remedies are presented (eliminate the root causes), to determine the effects on key social issues such as terrorism, war, economic collapse, inability to cooperate and social violence.

Since I do not expect that things will change soon, the work concludes with a section on the personal choices the reader can make to survive these problems in the current environment.

A great deal of effort goes into convincing us that human nature is totally unpredictable and the problems of mankind are thus intractable. As long as this lie is believed, the solution will appear to require great power to be wielded by some, to the detriment of all.

It is a historical fact that, coming from ignorance and anarchy, mankind once succeeded in building western civilization which used to function, composed of free individuals, living "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". We need to seize it back. It is a simple matter of confronting those who profit by creating problems and the destruction of civilization. This will happen naturally by a universal choice to be free and acknowledging the equal freedom of all others. Throw off your chains, they are not real.

Discover truth and exactly how deep the lies go. Choose to live or die as an aware, free person as opposed to manipulated cattle, suitable only for exploitation and harvesting by your predators. This is a life or death choice.

1.2 Request For Feedback

The author has concluded and is endeavoring to prove that the accepted intellectual output of all academic disciplines dealing with human beings are very dangerous lies which has resulted in placing our species and civilization in a non-viable artificial reality which is and will result in the extinction of civilization and mankind. This work is intended to counter this by proving the true facts of life and mankind. The author requests critical feedback in the following areas:

  • Factual Errors
  • Point Inadequately Proven
  • Cumbersome explanations
  • Ambiguous points
  • Suggested other aspects of the issues
  • Document Organization
  • Any other factual point

1.3 Copyright Notice:

This document is under copyright protection; said copyrights the property of their respective holders. All Rights Reserved.

No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or by any information storage or retrieval system, without the permission in writing from the copyright holder.

Copyright 2003 - 2011, Bill Ross

C/O Bill Ross
894 Broadview Avenue,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
(613) 724-4544

This entire document (hint: file, save) can be downloaded Here!
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