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Article :: Logical Implications

How To Become Free

1. How to Become Free

To achieve any goal, you MUST know exactly what it REALLY is and the REAL obstacles to be overcome.

Freedom EQUALS Un-Coerced (not bullied)

We are all unique individuals, differentiated by our choices and habits which are a product of / reaction to our unique lifetime experiences and perspectives. We may voluntarily choose to belong to groups such as family, profession, religious, etc. This choice to freely associate with a group in no way detracts from our individual uniqueness, as human beings. All husbands are not alike, nor are all Christians, Muslims or members of ANY group alike. We may also be externally assigned (decreed) to be a member of a group, such as "black people" with falsely alleged, decreed general characteristics. Assignment to a group does not, in any way detract from the individual uniqueness of the group members and, in actual fact, alleging a general character of a group such as blacks, jews, etc is the basis of RACISM and each group must and will contain many counter-examples to the alleged general character.

In fact, false, forcefully imposed political opinions such as "blacks need affirmative action" will appeal to irresponsible blacks (encouraging dependency / irresponsibility, reinforcing the lie of alleged general characteristics) and be very offensive to the high percentage of outstanding, morally aware, personally responsible black people. Also, "affirmative action" undermines the self esteem of responsible blacks, whom cannot be certain that their accomplishments are based on their personal excellence, or legislated favoritism and reverse psychology of those whom trade with them being guilted into "proving" non-racism. In addition, the cost of "affirmative action" is borne by those not so favored and therefore disfavored, breeding resentment, envy and conflict in society. The same truth applies to any false grouping targeted for "afirmative action" such as females, native aboriginals, the decreed disadvantaged for alleged "original sins" of people long dead, reparations due from "we, the living" whom had no part of these alleged crimes against these alleged groups.

The above is the reason that there is no such thing as a collective such as "majority". There is just individuals forming groups for the purpose of seeking "common interest" in our division of labor civilization. The only thing group members have in common is their humanity and will to survive. The concept of groupthink is a very dangerous lie, a falsity that allows political "divide and conquor" and corrupt law to pit alleged group interests against each other with a false "balancing of interests" which is based on the Machiavaliian lie that it is "neccessary" that some have survival advantages over others just so the political classes and law can extract rent (of our rights), pretending to mitigate conflict of their own creation by choosing whose "right to survival and freedom" trumps whose. The historical meaning of the "scales of justice" is balancing "equal right to choose life, for all".

In actual fact, due to a century+ of political / corrupt judicial "horse trading" / appeasing of the rights and responsibilities of various groups / interests, the law has devolved to a contradictory and incomprehensible mass of arbitrary decrees without any discernable goals such as keeping the peace, sanctioning those who cause harm or victim reparations. The number of contradictory laws / decrees is tending to infinity, so complex that even the legal "profession" cannot know, understand, nor obey the law. The "law", as are "we, the people" (everyone) is in a position of moral hazard, unable to obey the law (and thus choose to evade its consequences, making us prey), even if we wanted to. Any "good" modern lawyer can "prove" any arbitrary point with one set of "laws, precidents" and then turn around and "prove" the exact opposite point with another set of "laws, precidents". Who "wins" (only lawyers ever do) litigation is totally dependent on "judicial discretion" (rule of man, historical collapser of civilizations), as opposed to "rule of law".

We, individually NEED to realize that groups and those who claim to represent them ARE BULLIES and MOBS seeking to impose their OPINION on the rest. Take away their pretexts and, we are left with WHAT THEY ACHIEVE: a SURVIVAL ADVANTAGE for THEM, at the expense of US, extracted by OUR guns of state, pointed at US.

If "we, the people" want to survive (or achieve any goal, such as freedom), since we live in an "action PRECEDES consequence reality", some sort of action IS TRULY NECESSARY, else NO CONSEQUENCES.

Currently, we are faced with what appears to be a near  infinite number of rationalizations (FALSE pretexts) for our servitude, backed by OUR guns wielded by arbitrary power. These a$$holes are innovative and can create new rationalizations and manipulate fake threats faster than they can be refuted, especially since our “blessers of truth”, the law are their “enforcers”. They are also cowards and, for the most part hidden manipulators using idiot mobs (eg, OWS, false political viewpoints) to bludgeon dissenters. These mobs are mindless automations driven by lies they consider to be "truth" because, in general education and media has been regulatory captured (more than a century ago) by our slavers to program the general population to subservience, deference to self-proclaimed " authority" and in general, Pavlov conditioned, blindly reacting idiots.

So, how to fight this insanity? IMHO, currently, the freedom "opposition" is on a path to certain loss, since the lay of the land and the intellectual "paradigm" (turf, "rules of engagement" democracy itself) is a trap, defined by our slavers to simultaneously profit by opposition and guarantee a "win", for them with the false illusion of “hope and change”, self determination for “we, the people”.

This IS A TOTAL WAR FOR CIVILIZATION against barbarians, and, to tolerate your enemies to "define the terms" and not questioning / contesting what they decree as "their turf", “your rules” is sheer folly, a game for losers.

99.999999% of readers will conclude the above is a "proof" of "cannot win". Actually, the true point of the above is "know your enemies". Only then can you understand "the method of their madness" (and, unfortunately, your madness also).

THINK!! What is the common element of all THEY DO? How is YOUR servitude achieved, independent of the exact specifics of the near infinity of their arbitrary decrees (far more than either you nor they can know or, even obey) which, should you "disobey", results in OUR guns of state, pointed at you and the forceful imposition of an escalating cost of "dissent" (tax for acting free and peaceful).

"They" give you A MAJOR CLUE when they state "OBEY", "OR ELSE". "Obey" is a very specific demand, "Or else" is pregnant with the possibilities offered by infinite physical reality.

So, what does "Obey" really mean? They demand you to "CHOOSE as they demand", a very narrow path. What does "Disobey" really mean? It means to "CHOOSE" something different, a very broad path, hopefully, according to what YOU, as a FREE, SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEING (not as a cog in a machine of some false group "perspective" FREE-WILLS.

Now, YOU KNOW. What they demand is control of "YOUR CHOICE". To comply is not a very bright move because: Survival EQUALS adaptation to environment EQUALS ability to choose correctly EQUALS freedom:

Darwin Reconsidered

If that is not enough to convince you to act in and defend YOUR self interest (right to life), well, perhaps THINKING about it will help:

Intelligent Choice

So, the short answer to "how to fight and win freedom" is to DISOBEY and pursue your individual self-interests and cooperate with those who share them. This will result in a total "war, on all fronts" as opposed to individual single “issue” skirmishes, each of which they have the resources to “win” and  focusing on “single issues” cannot possibly generate enough consensus, since we all have very different priorities. THEY cannot possibly win a full, total, all-spectrum WAR. History (another totally subverted intellectual discipline) is very clear on this point.

STILL not convinced? If you CHOOSE disobey, you have also made a choice to shift your productive endeavours from "paying THEM for your enslavement" to passive FIGHT by withdrawal of resources, because the planet is too centrally controlled by barbarians for "flight" to be the effective survival choice it once was. This is also the “reason” underlying their relentless drive to world government and destruction of sovereign peoples and nations, to fully eliminate flight and remove everybody’s self-determination except theirs. If you CHOOSE to defy and use physical aggression to resist, well, they will spin your self-defensive actions as “terrorism”. You will just be feeding THEIR business case of  creating and profiting from conflict and, the ignorant masses will demand more police / military state resources to deal with a “terrorist” such as you. The public foolishly demands “security” from those who create security threats to appear “of use”.

Independent of CHOOSING peaceful withdrawal of resources or violent dissent, productive resources will either be withdrawn, or, diverted from our “owners”. By the unseen hand of our cumulative FREE CHOICE, the grim reaper of "Mathematics of Rule" will do the rest, by destroying the economic basis (and therefore, possibility) of our servitude:

Mathematics of Rule

Current planetary economic statistics and current social / economic collapse of western civilization PROVES this is exactly what the "unseen hand" of our collective choice is doing, just as it did in the late, not so great evil empire, USSR.

Freedom is winning, but, like everything else, freedom is far from "free" (without cost). On present course, there will be far fewer of us, free, or not,


Darwin Reconsidered


Rule of Law


Mathematics of Rule

Thinking 101:

Intelligent Choice

Bill Ross is an electronic design engineer in Oakland, Ontario, Canada. The above article is either an excerpt from, supporting evidence for or logical implication of HumanNature, an evolving objective study of humanity and civilization and dissection of the lies of those who incorrectly believe they are in control from the factual, provable perspective. Feedback is welcome. Email Author

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