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Article :: Human Nature

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  1. 9. Absurdity of Applied Philosophy
    9. Absurdity of Applied Philosophy There are as many definitions of philosophy as there are philosophers. The common element between all definitions is
  2. 17. Are Land and Natural Resources a Special Class of Property?
  3. 10. What is Power?
    10. What is Power? In physics, power is defined as work per unit time where work is defined as force applied times displacement of a mass. In other words, power is a measure of the exercise of force over time in achieving the movement of a ma...
  4. 15. The "Rule of Law"
  5. 11. Factors Affecting Mankind's Survival Choices
  6. 18. Democracy 101
  7. 12. From Ignorance to Civilization
    12. From Ignorance to Civilization Individual man
  8. Appendix B: Know This or Die
  9. 13. The Purpose and Nature of Civilization
  10. Appendix C: The Mathematics of Rule
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