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  1. Machiavailli Reconsidered
    Categories: Supporting Evidence

    An annotated dissection of the truth / falsity of the knowledge that Niccolo Machiavelli endeavored to impart to the "rule of man", "divine rights of kings" tyrants of his period of history.

    "The Prince", although strategically denied is a great embarrassment to the manipulative (fraudulent) ruler classes. It is very highly placed insider knowledge constituting the bible of politics regarding how rulers of his day manipulated matters such that "rule of biased man" (themselves), as opposed to "rule of law" prevails in the affairs of mankind.

    In fact, the period of history occupied by Machiavelli was the declining heyday of "divine rights of kings" and church of Rome as the Renaissance and "age of reason" was rapidly dispelling all myths that rulers are anything but mere mortals and frauds. Public consensus was achieved: Rulers, by criminal manipulations acquire and exercise the power of life and death (God), over others, at a whim, unchecked by reality and the "rule of law". This and similar knowledge regarding the total hypocrisy and frauds of the church, formed a pincer movement, squeezing the ability of dominent criminals (alliance of church and rulers) to function, depriving them of all credibility. This knowledge, as it permeated educated segments of society caused a destabilization in the "balance of power" between arbitrary rulers and the people, known as the Renaissance, an end of the dark ages imposed by the church of Rome, leading to, among other things, the birth of scientific method, western civilization, enabled by Rule of Law as opposed to "rule of some men".

    Machiavelli, in "The Prince", attempted to inject some realistic sanity into the affairs of rulers, whom he called "princes", pointing out, although they may wish to exercise arbitrary, unaccountable power, there are REAL consequences, leading to inglorious ends for those who so choose.

    The historical "bad rap" attached to Machiavelli as a manipulator is unearned. He "told it like it was" and, critical thinkers will agree "like it is" and the civilized will agree "like our freedom fighting ancestors STOPPED; as it should not be".

    Critical thinkers should also note that virtually all of the methodologies enumerated by Machiavelli regarding acquiring power, placing others in servitude and variations thereof are in use by current rulers. It should also be noted that the real consequences (perils, as proven by Machiavelli) of doing so are ignored by current "smash and grab" rulers which is sufficient to explain the ongoing social / economic collapse of western civilization, leading right back to the barbarous conditions of total war among rulers with everyone else and civilization "collateral damage" as chronicled by Machiavelli.

  2. Rise and Fall of Society
    Categories: Supporting Evidence
    From the Author: It is not incumbent on a diagnostician to prescribe a remedy, and it would be quackery for him to do so when he has misgivings as to its curative value. It may be that the struggle between Society and the State is inevitable; it may be in the nature of things for the struggle to continue until mutual destruction clears the ground for the emergence of a new Society, to which a new political establishment attaches itself to effect a new doom.
  3. 1954 Reece Investigations, birth of "Social Engineering"
    Categories: Supporting Evidence
    Congressional investigations regarding how elite tax exempt foundations use resources, provided by "we, the people" to subvert western civilization using "Social Engineering"
  4. How To Become Free
    Categories: Logical Implications
    Understanding the problem implies the solution
  5. Regulation is FUTILE
    Categories: Published Articles
    Fact: CANNOT read minds
    Fact: CANNOT know diverse environments of people
    Fact: People have self-volition (choice)
    Fact: Live in Action PRECEDES Consequence physical REALITY

    Therefore: Cannot CONTROL people (or crime), can only respond after the action. Therefore cannot predict nor control the future. Can ONLY respond to crime after the fact.
  6. The Social Contract
    Categories: Published Articles
    The minimal terms of association that any SANE person will voluntarily accept with any individual or group. Key consideration for "Rule of Law".
  7. Darwin Reconsidered
    Categories: Published Articles
    Explains EXACTLY why we are not surviving, who the perpetrators are and what can be done about it.
  8. The "Rule of Law"
    Categories: Published Articles
  9. Feedback Model Of Intelligent Choice
    Categories: Published Articles
  10. The Mathematics Of Rule
    Categories: Published Articles
    We have been and are in an eternal war between the productive (those who produce more than they consume) and the greedy (those who consume more than they produce). Civilizations rise (honesty in control) and fall (predators in control).
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